sitemap ★ home page

w3schools to help me make my own layout from scratch. I used this basic div box and a fixed sidebar, then worked my way from there.

Brackets text editor for live preview coding and spotting errors.

★ Thanks to this DirtyMarkup Formatter for helping me clean up the coding.

★ I used Arkanoid font graphics from cooltext graphics generator.

★ Twinkling stars GIF background is from a website called GIPHY.

★ Top images in credits & graphics page are from wallpaper abyss.

★ "Forever Online", "Online Now!", and "Parental Advisory" buttons are from hellosailor's neocities site.

★ "take a chill pill" & "Bookmark this page" buttons are from A.N. Lucas. Other 88x31 are unknown.

★ Kaoanis are from Peachie's Collection.

★ For my link back buttons, I used cooltext graphics generator and GIMP.

★ TV show and anime images are downloaded from the TV Time app then scaled on GIMP.

★ Video game images are from IGDB then scaled on GIMP.

★ Film images are from letterboxd then scaled on GIMP.

★ Colorful stars divider & skulls divider are from Cute Kawaii Resources.

★ Black scratched marble background is from a tumblr theme page I used a long time ago.
The person who made the theme didn't say where they got the background.

★ All pixels and favicons are unknown since I've collected them over the years I've spent online.

★ All blinkies, stamps, and icons are unknown unless I happened to find the people who made them.

Words by StormFyrie Coding @W3Schools!