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Here's the list of credits. This list was last updated on November 10th 2020.

★ Special thanks to neocities for letting me host my site for free and for bringing creativity back into the internet.

w3schools for css/html/javascript tutorials & for saving my hide in the making of this site.

★ "Forever Online" button is from hellosailor.
★ "take a chill pill" button is from A.N. Lucas.
★ Key vector is by Clker at pixabay. Same key is also used in the not_found.html page.
★ Purple arrow cursor is unknown. This same cursor is also used in the media page.

★ The Twilight Zone gif was found in giphy.

★ HOME ★
➜ Dolls are from: aznbutterflydolls using gifcities search engine.
➜ HOME graphic: METRO font designed by Jovanny Lemonad; download from Font Squirrel. Then, I used GIMP to customize it.
➜ Background is made by me using GIMP.
➜ The base code is from Eggramen's CSS Test Page called Simple. Then, I worked my way from there using other codes from w3schools.

➜ Yes, it is me in the picture. :)
➜ Stamps are from deviantart and are linked back. A few of them aren't linked back because I can't find who made them.
➜ ABOUT graphic: same as HOME graphic.
➜ The bunny with crown is unknown. I saved it a long time ago in my old photobucket account and stupid me forgot to rename the file with the author's name. D:
➜ Dancing bunny heads (okay, that sounds a little disturbing) is by firstfear
➜ Sparkly purple graphic and the divider in site info section was found on gifcities.
➜ Dancing skulls was found on Cute Kawaii Resources.
➜ Tiny pink bunnies on the left from: jasminnie
➜ Most blinkies are from: glitter-graphics.
➜ Crescent moon with stars, campfire, and roses from: peachie's
➜ Tiny white heart and star changing colors from: ohpixels tumblr
➜ Bunny cursor from engram.

➜ Badtz-Maru, Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Sakura, Kero, dancing stars, and background from jasminnie.
➜ Spinning heart and back sign found on gifcities.
➜ All photods in misc. and games section are mine.
➜ TV images from TV Time app.
➜ Bunny cursor & My Melody pixel from engram.
➜ Dolls are from ginger and xdancingladyx via gifcities.

★ BLOG ★
➜ Kao-ani holding back sign was found on gifcities.
➜ Bow cursor is unknown. Again, I saved this a long time ago into my old photobucket account.
➜ Lisa (bunny on right) was made by me following an instruction manual.
➜ Crescent moon divider from jasminnie.
➜ Screenshots are taken by me.
➜ Pink cloud background made by me using the sky from Fallout 4 but I'm going to change it to F:NV skies instead for better quality. ➜ Lace from jasminnie
All photos in photo section are mine.

➜ Pink arrow back sign was found on gifcities.
➜ TV show, anime, video game, and film covers are from the TV Time app, IGDB, and letterboxd.
➜ Stripe background is from using the GIMP.

➜ Kao-ani holding back sign was found on gifcities.
➜ Background is a screenshot taken by me from Fallout: New Vegas.
➜ twinkling star background was found on gifcities.

★ ★ ★ No copyright infringement is intended. I have no intention of making a profit off of my site. My site is for my personal use only. If you see anything that's yours, please let me know for proper credit or removal via guestbook or neocities profile.