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I'm StormFyrie and this is my place for me to hang out and be myself.
I'm still in the process of adding more pages so please be patient.
It'll always be a work in progress so things will get moved around, removed, edited for clarity, or trimmed down. There are only a couple of pages up at this time. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy your stay here. ♥

★ 11.21.2020:
➜ improved the look of my homepage. the plain text menu really didn't work for me and i appreciate it a lot more now.
➜ new look for my mal page. :D
➜ moved about me & cool sites to here so i can save my sanity.
➜ had to move the games back to media profile since it's going to be awhile until i can figure out how to create 3 different looks

★ 11.14.2020:
➜ The other day I moved the anime into a page of its own.
➜ Moved the game stuff into its own page. Not sure about the layout but it'll have to do for now.
➜ tv and films removed temporarily until I make separate pages for them.

★ 11.11.2020:
➜ Made a new logo & home page layout! :D
➜ Made leopard print and stripe backgrounds.
➜ Finished adding all comments to media page for now + another game entry.
➜ Add pics in nostalgia section.
➜ Added some photos and new entries in the blog section.
➜ Shrine to Bloodborne
➜ Made a myanimelist layout but it's not done yet
➜ Shared a little more about me

★ 10.26.2020:
➜ Added and removed some stamps.
➜ New blog entry.
➜ Moved my media favorites to a separate page.
➜ Edited some codes.

→ shrines/fanpages
→ teen edition of film favorites
→ projects
→ move the game section into a game profile page
→ separate film & tv page into two different layouts
maybe give my nostalgia page a new look

I was born in '89 but I'm still a kid at heart.
According to this D&D quiz, my alignment is chaotic good.
I'm an introvert, but I'm pretty down-to-earth once I warm up to people.
I've been a pescetarian since August 2012.
I have way too many interests for one person. Though, I'm not an expert at anything.
I don't participate in any fandoms because I fear some of the fanatics. Yes, I'm a fan of a lot of things but the healthy kind of fan.
My hobbies are playing video games, sewing & designing clothes, and scrapbooking. Does surfing the net also count?
I love looking at art whether it's in a museum or through someone's website.
I built my first gaming pc in August 2019.

My music tastes have fluctuated a lot over the years so I don't have a particular favorite. I'm into synthwave, alternative rock, revisiting a few old favorites, lo-fi/chill type mixes, some trip hop, finding hidden gems in bandcamp... I should probably make a music page...

★ Graphics ★

I'm not sure what else to share about myself so here are some graphics that apply to me and my interests.

One of the things I miss from my teen years was collecting blinkies so I can put them on my myspace. I've been sitting on the idea of coding my own spin on a myspace layout but I'm not sure if I'll do it.

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"It’s a funny thing, ambition.
It can take one to sublime heights or harrowing depths.
And sometimes they are one and the same."