This page contains my lists of favorite media and why I like them. I created this page so I can look back on them in the future as well as feel less pressure from other media tracking sites and their star rating system. Note: These aren't proper reviews or recommendations. Everyone has different tastes and a lot of media is very subjective so I don't know how to make recommendations. I removed some media since they're due for a rewatch. If they still hold up, I'll add them here. All lists are subject to change at any time.

Breaking Bad wasn't a show I got into right away but by the end of the first season, I was hooked. I agree BB is overrated but I'm human. I can't help liking the things I like. I loved and hated the writing at the same time mainly because of some characters, why they behaved a certain way, and how some scenes seemed to drag by slowly. It almost made me quit watching. Then it dawned on me that the writing is what made the show a masterpiece. The acting shows a lot of raw emotions. The character development is probably one of the best I've ever seen in awhile, granted I don't watch a lot of tv shows nowadays. The cinematography is great as well but it's even better in the spin-off/pre-requel: Better Call Saul. In my opinion, BCS is a lot better than BB in many ways I can't really describe.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn’t need a lot of explaining. It’s the most iconic show of the late 90’s. It has a unique blend of genres and topics with a strong female lead and great chemistry between the characters. I’ve rewatched it a few times and even leave it on in the background while doing chores. I would probably get flamed for this but season six was my least favorite. I don’t outright hate it but I dislike it for the sole purpose of The Trio. They’re infuriating! Then again, the villains have to come from somewhere. I just wished maybe there could’ve been different villains.
Friends was one of the tv shows I grew up watching. I only saw some episodes here and there while it was still on air but didn’t watch it fully until I was in college. While the show is kind of considered dated in today’s society, it still remains as one of my favorite shows no matter what anyone else says. It got me through tough times at college and had situations I can relate to. Whenever my anxiety was at its worst, I watched this show. It was like comfort food to me. However, just like every show I’ve watched, it has its flaws. A couple of examples are the romance plot between Joey and Rachel and the annoying character: Charlie.
Just like Friends, The Office is another show that helped me through a tough time, except I was no longer in college. I was very sick and stuck in bed. I wasn't in the mood to get into a new show but at the same time, I didn't want to rewatch anything else either. So, I settled on this show to see what the fuss is all about. The first season was a little hard to watch but it had a few good moments. I think the first season was just a way to introduce all of the characters. It got a lot better in season two and then the next thing I knew, I ended up binge watching it. I don’t know what it was that pulled me in but my guess it’s Jim and Pam. A part of me wanted to see if they’ll end up together. Then, there’s Jim’s pranks on Dwight and Dwight's eccentric personality. Or the horrible boss, Michael Scott and his relationship with Jan and then Holly. It may as well be everything about the show.

S1 - S9
There is no way I could possibly write about this show because nothing I would say would come out as eloquently as I see it my mind. But hey, I've been writing quite a bit so far on my favorite media so I think I'll give this one a shot. The X-Files was one of the fewest things I was allowed to indulge in as a kid but I wasn't able to comprehend it all. I wasn’t able to catch every episode due to how scary it was. Regardless, it was the most compelling show I've ever watched. I later revisit it again and then proceed to watch it two more times on separate occasions. The show proves it can go beyond just aliens and UFOs. It had some of the most frightening “Monster of the Week” episodes as well as lots of complicated twists and turns. There are weird, disturbing, and unexplained things. Not to mention, there is some humor thrown in to lighten up the dark atmosphere. Having rewatched some episodes in 2020, I still find a lot of things horrifying and some scenes still disgusts me. Some of the episodes lacked creativity but weren’t particularly bad. The only bad thing was never getting the closure about some of the major events but I guess that’s why it’s called The X-Files in the first place. Some things will never have an explanation nor conclusion to them in which I’ve come to accept.
I was contemplating on whether or not I should include Futurama here. Maybe it’s out of fear or embarrassment. Or the fact it’s very satirical and can be rubbed the wrong way by some people. I have to admit there are some scenes with questionable content. I thought, “What in the world were the writers thinking?” and figured I should just let it be. However, I couldn’t let it slide for some of the episodes in Season 7. It’s for lack of a better word: ugh. Nevertheless, I wanted to include the show here anyway because it’s another tv show which helped me through college and all of the anxieties that came with it. The writing is very entertaining and I liked the variety of characters. Plus, I liked the futuristic setting.
"This is my stop! Got to get off!" I wish I watched this show while I was still in my teens because I would've felt better about myself. All four years of high school was pretty much a hellhole for me. I was angry a lot, close-minded, and depressed. All I wished for was to get through high school as quickly as possible. If I had to go through high school again, I would write all the important advice in a diary and hold on to it for dear life. Otherwise, it's a HUGE NO. I saw myself in Daria except I'm not as cynical as her and I'm too expressive. Jane is a little bit more like me but I'm not as artistic as her. I love this show for its dry humor, irony, and how it's so much like our sick, sad world. There is nothing else I can say that would do this show justice. It's an awesome show. ♥
I have yet to watch season 5 but I love BCS so far. The show has a "show, don't tell" approach which is one of my favorite techniques in writing. It offers a challenging way to figure things out rather than having all the information being told right away. I always get excited to see what the characters might do next with their actions. Will be back here to log some more.
One of the fewest action films I've enjoyed. John Wick 3: Parabellum including the previous films has an entire world and lore built around not just John Wick but all the characters in the films. There doesn't seem to be a story here but I noticed there was a lot of showing rather than telling. I have to admit, it was confusing for me as to who is who but some backstory reading helped me a lot with the films. Important things to take note about the underground world of assassins are: The Continental, gold coins, and The High Table. Other than the universe, the action choreography is top notch. Even during my confusion, I still enjoyed watching Keanu Reeves kick ass despite my disagreement of fictional characters killing so many people. In this particular case, I can let it slide because he plays as an assassin.
Honestly, I didn't expect to like Nightcrawler so much but I'm glad I watched it. The story revolves around Lou Bloom desperately seeking work and finds himself in crime journalism. It seemed like the most normal thing to me but when he started doing certain things, I couldn't help but feel anticipated and curious to see what he does next. I don't approve of Bloom's actions but I can understand why he acted this way. This bold film has a well-written story with great performances which kept me interested right to the end and it's easily one of my top favorite films.
The Breakfast Club is more than just a story about a bunch of students stuck in detention on a Saturday. The problems of teenagers of the past are still pretty much the same as when I was a teen but are probably not the same as today. I've seen this film a long time ago but haven't rewatched it again. Though, I still remember the good feelings it gave me. Do I like this film because it makes me feel nostalgic? I don't know. I'm more afraid to watch it again because of its age and will probably be knocked off my list of favorites. I feel the same way for all the other films I've seen as a kid and teen. Maybe I should make a seperate page of old favorites...
Let the Right One In is dark and beautiful. It isn't a traditional horror movie but it's a very well-done film regardless of the genre. It's probably one of the best love stories on film despite its grotesque nature. Thing is, I don't know why there was any reason to have the remake: Let Me In. The remake wasn't too bad but I still don't see the point in remaking a good film. Is it because they decided, "Let's remake this because we are too lazy to read subtitles?"
I haven't seen The Thing in such a long time but I still remember how much it terrified me. I think this film is due for a rewatch soon. Need to know if it still terrifies me so I can come back to log here.


I can't believe I was 20 years late! Nevertheless, I'm happy to have found this absolute gem of a game. The story and immersion is top notch with the most memorable lines ever. The freedom of playstyle is very satisfying. There's a lot to say so I've created a diary page documenting my experience with it.

J.C. Denton, you are a legend! ♥

Edit: The diary page has been scrapped and will be re-worked into a form of a shrine/fanpage.
Hitman (2016) counts since the story continues in Hitman 2. I wasn't interested in playing when I saw the gameplay demo of it on YT. It was 'meh' to me. Though, I thought Agent 47 was kind of cute. When Steam had it on sale one day I figured, "Sure, why the hell not?" Long story short: I love it. The A.I. system is the best I've ever seen. The graphics are beautiful with amazing details. The story is interesting and it's friendly to those who are new to the franchise like myself. I love the seriousness behind it but after going through the story missions, I get to have fun afterwards by following the mission stories, taking on challenges, and playing the community created contracts. Spotting the references and catching NPC conversations is always a bonus. I enjoyed the dark and silly humor. Also, even if I'm not actively playing the challenges or contracts, it feels great to walk around and look at how much detail IOI had put into the game. The only two cons I have with Hitman 2 are the powerpoint like "cutscenes'' and a few of the challenges are pointless. For Hitman (2016), I wasn't a fan of the full-screen inventory. My favorite maps: Paris, Sapienza, Isle of Sgail, and Haven Island.
PS3 / PC (modded) I'll never look at Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 the same ever again. Admittedly, I wasn’t in love with it at first. Having spent over 300 hours in Fallout 3, I missed the desolate atmosphere and the spooky subway tunnels. I wanted those back. Several hours later, I forgot all about it and embraced the desert landscape. The story is a lot better. The companions have a little more depth to them. There is more than one way to complete the quests. There is lots to do despite the somewhat small map. The dialogue is a bit campy but very entertaining. F:NV gave me a different set of emotions which wasn’t the same in F3 or F4. It’s the “friends” I made along the way, the consequences I had to live with, and the decisions I’ve made ultimately affect the ending. Things like this in a game makes it so good. The replayability for this game is definitely a high priority in my book. Currently, I'm playing on a modded playthrough and it's an absolute pleasure.
Normally, I don’t play 2D platformer games. Not since N game anyway. Mark of the Ninja changed my mind and in result, I plan to look into other 2D platformers such as Hollow Knight and Katana ZERO. I received the remastered version for free a long time ago so I decided to play for the second time. There isn't a lot to say about this game because it's just one of those games someone has to experience for themselves. The game has a nice art style and is a reminiscence of old 90's cartoons. The story is simple but still engaging with fun gameplay. Something I really appreciate about the game is the freedom to approach each level.


Demon's Souls is more of an honorable mention but it's still my favorite. It took me about six years to come back to it after achieving Bloodborne. I wish I didn't quit all those years ago but it's better late than never. Bloodborne has trained me well into thinking about how I should approach enemies which is the reason why I decided to come back to it. It turned out the enemies aren't too difficult despite the slower combat. The true enemies here are the environments which makes the game a lot more punishing. I've fallen in various areas and getting poisoned by the damn lake in Valley of Defilement more times than dying to enemies. I knew I could use the Royal Lotus but I kept running out of them. DS does a great job at worldbuilding. Every area is different so it's never boring. Like Bloodborne, the game has a show don't tell too much to the player approach. I like how each of the npcs and bosses have a different story to them. It makes uncovering the story piece by piece an interesting experience.
Favorite boss fights: Tower Knight, Old Hero, and Flamelurker.
Most infuriating boss fights: Maneaters and Fool's Idol.
Most annoying enemies: ALL the skeletons in the Shrine of Storms and Depraved Ones in Valley of Defilement.
Intense Dislike: Man Centipedes including the giant ones. They are extremely creepy and gross.

After the fall of one of my favorite video games: Dead Space, it left a hole in my heart. Then, Prey came along and made it better. It's not exactly like DS and I didn't expect it to be. But the same dreaded feeling of loneliness on a spaceship/station remained the same. It's not intensely scary throughout but had a good amount of spookiness which kept me on edge. Prey made me forget I was sitting in my dimly lit bedroom. I wanted to find out what happened to everyone and why everything is so strange. The exploration is top-notch. I wanted to explore every nook and cranny for clues and secrets. This particular quest with the sudden music was my favorite part of the game. I won't say anymore but it was an awesome experience. Listening to the logs is great too. The story is very well written from start to finish. There wasn't a single dull moment albeit with a few minor frustrations such as bugs. This is why it's good to save often and never overwrite. I loved the UI and HUD. The neuromods and abilities are both great features. The maps are nicely designed but I still get lost everytime I try to backtrack. The gameplay is challenging but very satisfying. The overall vibe felt a lot like Deus Ex due to immersion and having the freedom to complete the objectives more than one way. I wouldn't be shocked if Arkane developers say they were inspired by Deus Ex.

I wrote a bit about DA:O in my nostalgia page. Though, I should replace this later with another favorite of mine. DA:O will always be one of my favorites no matter how many games I'll be playing down the road. Edit: I'll just leave this up here now because I have a lot more room on this page. :)

They say to try to play a game outside of your comfort zone. I chose to play this game but not without playing the first three installments. I liked all three for the most part but what truly made the series shine is Uncharted 4. The narrative and pacing is much better. It's easily the most fun game out of the three. Though, it was kind of questionable as to why Nathan never talked about Sam all those years in the previous games. I think he was too traumatized to talk about it after all, he really thought Sam died in the prison. The game has a nice blend of action pack adventures, puzzles to solve, and movie-like scenes to keep the gameplay stay far from boredom. The beautiful landscapes made me want to stop and stare at it before proceeding to the next objective. The characters are memorable and the voice acting is great. I think the only flaw is the stealth. I can’t say I’m a pro at stealth but I was confused at how enemies can spot Nathan so fast even though he’s carefully hidden. The shooting mechanics weren’t special but I felt it was a little better compared to the previous titles.

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