This is a page of things I'd like to log from my childhood to my teens. Sadly, I won't be able to document everything because I didn't take pictures of those items but I was able to save a few things. I took some pictures and placed them in the miscellaneous section.

I used to have a reason for getting up early on a Saturday. It was okay for me to sit in front of the tv and eat sugary cereal without a care in the world. Even the commercials were worth watching. They were wacky, campy, weird and had a lot of personality. These are some of the TV shows I've enjoyed watching as a kid while they were still on the air. A few of the shows didn't air on Saturdays but showed up on either weekdays or Sundays. I've seen a bunch of other TV shows but these were the most memorable for me. I've re-watched: Cardcaptor Sakura (sub), Recess, and Yu-Gi-Oh, Buffy (3x), Sabrina (2x), The X-Files (4x), Batman, and Sailor Moon. I might watch Xena again but it's unlikely I'll get around to it anytime soon. The other shows don't do much for me now for obvious reasons but I still wanted to add them here. I think Arthur is still on the air but to be honest, it's not what it is anymore. I enjoyed the first 7 seasons and grew out of it gradually by watching less of it. It's a little sad but I'm grateful to have experienced it all.

Here's a random episode of Recess. I'm surprised this is still on YT despite the circumstances: Kids in the Mist. The link opens in a new tab.

I won't be able to list every movie I've seen as a kid so I'll just display a few. I'm a little afraid to revisit them because it won't give me the same feelings. Afterall, they were made for kids.

This playlist has songs I used to listen to as a pre-teen and some into my early teen years. I wanted to use yt for this playlist but I had already put the spotify one together before I knew about neocities. I don't actively listen to these tracks today but I still come back to listen to a few tracks on occasion for the nostalgia. I've probably missed a lot but these are the ones I can remember during this age range. I used to listen to music on an FM dial tuned to radio stations such as Radio Disney. I was also one of those people who used blank cassette tapes to record songs off of the radio.

I didn't get access to the internet until the early 00s. We had a family computer but neither me nor my family were tech savvy. I remembered infecting the computer with multiple viruses and the pop-up ads were the worst. We connected to the internet using AOL's dial up connection. Every time someone needs to use the phone the internet needs to get disconnected. Finding ways to download music and watch shows felt like more of a chore. Nowadays, it's easier but also sad because the internet has lost a lot of creativity and individuality. It's a good thing neocities came by to save it.

These are some of the sites I used to frequent during high school. I'm probably forgetting a bunch of others but this is what I can remember at the present moment.

The Way of the Ninja a.k.a. N back in the day. It was a free 2D platformer flash game where you control a ninja and try to dodge all obstacles in order to win the game. Each level of the game gets more difficult as you go. I never got to finish all the levels because they were quite tricky but I still had fun. It was a great way to kill time or to take a break from the monotonous homework during high school. Recently, I found out the devs have made it available on Steam with new features called N++. Haven't tried it out yet but maybe I'll revisit it again someday.

Gaia Online is where you can customize an avatar and socialize with other people on forums. The forums contain a variety of discussions, some flash games, and interacting with other users in a virtual town. I used to frequent this site and even paid with real money for some of the items. I eventually lost interest because it got too expensive and decided my money is better spent elsewhere. I'm kind of surprised the site is still running today. I sometimes miss it but again, I don't have time to collect the items I want for my avatar.
This was a flash animation web series and had a small amount of flash games based on the characters of the series. The show is a little weird because it mixes surreal comedy with a lot of references from pop culture. The site is still running today and even has their own yt channel. Honestly, I still have no idea why I enjoyed it in the first place but looking at it now made me realize how much I've grown when it came down to my source of entertainment.

Dollz Mania: This is probably my most favorite thing on the internet. You can dress up dolls and post them on your site or profile pages. I think there were other sites but I don't remember the names of them. There were some other doll variants like Silentz and Candy Dollz.

Imvu: Pretty much an avatar customizer but in 3D form and you can chat with your friends and play games. They also had customizable virtual worlds with a variety of styles.

Quizilla: This site was a way to pass the time by taking silly quizzes and reading fanfiction. It sounds a little cringey but hey, it was a good way to avoid peer pressuring and other kinds of trouble.

Myspace: I don't think this needs explanation. No matter who I was hanging out with or meeting with potential friends, I was always asked if I had a myspace page. We would exchange urls by writing on pieces of paper or in each other's notebooks so we could add each other when we got home from school.

Neopets: A virtual pets site. I played on this site because I really missed the original Tamagotchi. Unfortunately, it didn't feel quite the same and trying to get all the items I wanted became a tedious process. The virtual pets are cute, though.

Xanga: Basically a place to create your own blog and read other user's blogs. I used to have two blogs: one for introspection and the other was for one of those surveys you could fill out. I once made a survey but I'm not sure if I still have the text document. If I find it, maybe I'll post it here.

★ Messengers I've used: AIM, MSN, and Yahoo!

Does something from ten years ago count as nostalgic?

Whatever the answer is, I feel nostalgic for the very first video game I've played: The Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I'm sorry if it isn't something like Pokemon, Half-Life, and most of the other good old games. I'll explain why in a bit...

A close second is Dragon Age: Origins. Third rank would be LittleBigPlanet I. However, I feel LBP doesn't quite give me the same feeling as Oblivion and DA:O. LBP is a fun game, main storywise, but trying to build a custom level kind of killed it for me since I didn't have all the materials I wanted plus, blame it on my laziness trying to look for them.

I was browsing through the game section at a big retail store for my 17th birthday while my parents went to look at other things. I was excited about finally getting my first console since I previously wasn't allowed to play video games. Some people have asked me if I resented my parents for not letting me play video games and I said no. I actually had a good childhood. My parents were a little strict albeit they spoiled me quite a bit. Anything dealing with games was mostly from my imagination, going to the arcade, and having one of those learning laptops for kids which I can't recall the name of. Life did get a little boring as a teenager but I kept myself busy with flash games and just browsing a bunch of stuff around the web. I remember going against my parents' wishes by playing World of Warcraft on the computer and sometimes neglected to finish my homework on time. How I got a copy of WoW is a story I'll unlikely to share here but let's just say I played on a private server. I also played some other MMOs such as RuneScape and Cabal Online but WoW definitely took up a lot of my free time. I couldn't devote my free time to play video games anyway because high school took a lot of energy out of me and homework took hours to finish.

- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -

I can't bring myself to sell or give this away even though I no longer play it on PS3. If Skyblivion ever rolls around, there's a high chance I'll still have it.

I knew next to nothing about Oblivion other than the fact it's part of The Elder Scrolls universe and thinking I'll probably play the previous titles in the future. What got my interest about the game was the back of the cover. One of the things printed there, "You must find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel,", made me decide I should play this game. No questions asked. No doubts. I was completely sold. I came home with great anticipation. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with the game manual. I was impressed they included a fifty page manual but what added more to my excitement was this line in the introduction, "Live another life, in another world". The inner child within me felt joyous as if she can finally be a fictional character in a made up universe. As a kid, I've always played these imaginary games of pretending to be a warrior with an adventurous spirit. To finally be able to do this in a game felt exhilarating. Once I got to the point of exiting out of the sewers, it was really a choice between delivering the amulet right away or swimming across the river to the alluring ruin. The adventurous spirit within me chose the ruin and made me forget about the amulet for many in-game hours. I don't remember what was in the ruin but I'll always remember the creepy atmosphere coupled with the haunting ambient music. I remembered being so lost and the grueling process of trying to get out of there. The story itself wasn't the most compelling thing but it's the faction quests and side quests which made it memorable. Once I finally delivered the amulet, the game slowly got underwhelming. I didn't mind closing the main Oblivion gates but having numerous gates opening everywhere became stale. I think more variety to the hellish gates would've made the experience less boring. This goes the same with caves and forts. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I bought the game to try modding it but sadly, I had a potato pc so I lost interest in it. When I came across talk of remastering the game from the ground up, I knew I had to revisit and mod the game once again to experience the game in a different way. Skyblivion won't be out for a long while but I think it's a good thing because I have a long list of games to play and replay.

- Dragon Age: Origins -

This was bought together with Oblivion.

I really miss having a silent protagonist. Having a silent protagonist meant I could make up my character's voice in my mind as well as her personality. I can't do this with a voiced protagonist among other things that limit the roleplaying aspect. I enjoyed the later games to a certain extent but it just didn't feel the same as Origins. There are a few noteworthy things which made DA:O stand out from the rest. You start out in a different location depending on the origin story of your choosing. The choices you make in the game actually matter. The companions with you would react either positively or negatively about your decisions. When it comes down to the skill tree, there are interesting options you can choose, not just for your character but for the companions you recruit along the way as well. The companions all have their own personality and personal quests to complete. The tactical style combat was an interesting feature despite my initial thought it being too slow. It eventually grew on me and I understood why they chose to include it. Just like any other game I've played, DA:O still had some flaws but considering its age, the flaws fall into the minor side of things. The only thing I wish it had was more of an open world feel and maybe more fleshed out side quests. It felt a little odd to watch the blood trail leading from point A to point B with the occasional random encounter which takes you out of the map.

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This was given to me by my childhood best friend when McDonald's was still giving them out.

I've had several of Lisa Frank coloring books. This is the only one I was able to save.

My teddy bear backpack. ♥

00's fashion throwback :)

My old cellphones. My favorite was the slide out qwerty keyboard. Honestly, it's a lot easier and quicker to text with a physical keyboard.

My Hello Kitty binder has stood the test of time. I've had this since '98.

Pages from a notebook with a variety of cute characters from Morning Glory. There used to be a handful of cute stationary stores now there are barely any. I don't think Morning Glory makes these anymore. :(

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